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*Note – Most of these services can be done remotely!*




Shamanic Healing Practices:

• Extraction – The removal of energies that are disharmonious with an individual’s energy. These energies cause sickness and distress to a person.

• Divination – This is a request of the Spirit World for information for an individual’s personal growth and continuing knowledge.

• Soul Retrieval – During times of illness and trauma pieces of us can disassociate causing confusion, illness and depression. Soul retrieval heals and reconnects the individual to self. This returns health and well-being.

• Power Animal Retrieval – When an individual experiences a disconnection with their personal power or guidance through illness, trauma or abuse this will bring back the feelings of personal power.

• Ancestral Clearing – When many individuals in a family line experience the same difficulties such as addiction or mental illness this is a way to do a deep healing that will clear the self and future generations.

• Soul Walk – This is a deep working when there is so much trauma to the individual that the soul itself is torn. This is done to repair the soul at a profound level not usually accessed in healing work.



ThetaHealing™ System

• Sub-conscience Belief Replacement – For many individuals these sub-conscioud beliefs block the ability to be the person that came into the world to be. They block the ability to live fully in the world. This process finds the unhelpful belief and replaces it with a more life affirming belief and the feelings that support the new belief.

• Baby in the Womb – This process clears the deep Key Core beliefs that were developed between the time of conception and the time of birth.

• Feeling Down Loads – Many people live many lifetimes wanting and needing certain things so that they can be successful. However frequently these people don’t know what it feels like to have those things (like money, love or respect) so when the thing they need arrives in their life they miss it. “It must have been Love…” This programs the feeling into the person’s emotional make-up so that when those things are available the individual recognizes them.

• DNA Repair – This fixes the DNA in a person that is causing problems and illness.

• Karma Clearing – This can clear lifetimes of difficulties in significant relationships. It can also clear foundational problems that cause negative beliefs to solidify.



The Results System

• Brain Balance – This process gets the brain to process at its most efficient levels. Takes out stress and lets the body heal naturally.

• Body Alignment – A process of tapping the muscles to remind the body of its healthy pain free perfection.



• Ionic Detox Foot Baths

• Chakra Balancing

• Divination

• House Clearing / Blessing

• Classes, Workshops

• & Much more!



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